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St Michael’s, Malton - The War Memorials

The war memorials of St Michael’s church are situated on the West wall of the church , south of the tower arch. The memorial to the fallen of the First World War is a fine painted wooden panel with a central scene of St Michael trampling the Dragon. On either side angels hold up scrolls with the names of the fallen on them. Beneath it hangs the memorial to those who died in the Second World War, in the form of a small frame with the names of the fallen written on a sheet of paper.

To the glory of God and in proud and grateful memory of these brave men who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1919

Their name liveth for evermore

John Coates

John McAdorey

George E. Dale

Frank McDolald

W. Ernest Dale

Tom Manning

Edwin E. Dresser

Arthur H. Perryman

Ernest Ellis

Hugh H. Pickering

Harold Gibson

G. Wallace Piercy

William Harrison

Alfred Robinson

Robert Harrison

John Simpson

George W. Harrison

William Smith

Sarah E. Hornsey

Tom A. Stabler

Alfred Jackson

Richard M. Stubbs

Arnold S. Jennings

J. A. Raymond Thomson

D.S.O., Croix-de-Guerre

Percy Kendall

G. Ernest Kirby

Alick D. Trotter, M.C.

John Knott

Ernest Wardell

Walter Lightfoot

Frank Ware

W. Ernest Longster

George S. Whiting

Charles Ludlam

George W. Wood

Men of the Parish of St Michael’s Malton Who gave their lives in the second world war. 1939-1945

J. E. Hargreaves (Pte)

C. F. Hudson, L.A.C., R.A.F.

J. B. F. Hudson, Sergt, R.A.F.

J. O. Laverack, Petty O., R.A.F.

P. G. W. Leefe, Petty O., R.A.F. Regt.

G. Lotherington. L.A.C., R.A.F.

T. G. L. Mennell, L/Sea., R.N.

J. A. Spence, Corpl., R.A.F.

C. Stancliffe, Sergt., R.A.F.

D. C. B. Walker, W/Comdr., R.A.F.