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Malton War Memorial

The  main Malton War Memorial stands beside York Road opposite the Mount Hotel. Immediately after the First World War it was proposed that the town’s war memorial should take the form of rebuilding the hospital as a memorial, but despite  enthusiastic collections the money for this was not forthcoming from the community.  Plans for a large cross to be placed in the Market place outside St Michael’s church also came to nothing and it was eventually agreed to build the memorial on the enclosed triangle of ground where a Russian cannon from Sevastopol already stood commemorating the Crimean War. It consists of a tall cross set on a stepped base surrounded by an angled wall supporting panels listing the fallen of both wars. On Armistice Day 2015, two commemorative benches were unveiled as part of a projected restoration and remodelling of the war memorial.

In Gratitude and Honour of those from this town who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1919

Live thou for England, we for England died

A. Atkinson

H. Gibson, Sergt

J. Knott

H. Postill

F. Swales

 S. Bowes

W. Grandy

W. P. Lapish, C.P.O., R. N.

C. Stanley Reade, Lieut.

H. Tasker

W. Boyes, Sergt

C. G. Halliday, R. N.

W. J. Lawty

A. Robinson

G.H. Taylor

E. Boyes

G. W. Harrison

W. Lightfoot, R. N.

B. Shaw

J. A. Raymond Thomson,



W. Brown

J. W. Harrison

E. A. Little

A. Simpson

A. Bullous

R. Harrison

W. E. Longster, Lieut.

J. Simpson

W. V. Cattle

E. Haykings

C. Ludlam

G. R. Sissons

H. Thompson

T. Cockerill, Sergt.

G. Haynes

J. McAdorey, Lieut.

A. P. Sleightholme, Sergt.

A. D. Trotter, Capt. M.C.

J. Coates, Lieut.

E. Hodgson

F. McDonald, Corpl.

F. Smith

R. Ward

A. V. Craven, Sergt.

Sarah E. Hornsey, V. A. D.

T. McIntyre

W. Smith

E. Wardell, Sergt.

W. E. Dale, Sergt.

A. Jackson

T. Manning, Sergt.

W. Smith

F. Ware

G. F. Dale

E. W. Jackson

J. Mason, Corpl.

H. Smithson

G. Whiting

E. E. Dresser

A. S. Jennings, Corpl.

J. Nicholson

G. W. Sollitt, Q.M., R.N.

C. A. Wood

E. Ellis

J. Johnson

H. Perrin

G. H. Spencer

G. W. Wood

R. Fowles, R. N. R.

H. M. Johnston, Capt.

A. H. Perryman

T. A. Stabler

T. R. Wood

R.D. Galtry, Lieut.

P. Kendall, Sergt.

H. Pickering

J. R. Stephenson, Sergt. M.

A. Wray

G. E. Kirby, Lieut.

G. W. Piercy

R. M. Stubbs


J. A. W. Banyard

T. G. L. Mennell, R. N.

R. Bowles

E. J. Smith

J. E. Hargreaves

R. C. A. Smith

C. E. Hudson

G. Sollitt

J. B. F. Hudson, Sergt. R. A. F.

J. A. Spence, Corpl. R. A. F.

E. W. Large

C. Stancliffe, Sergt. R. A. F.

J. O. Laverack, P/O

D. C. B. Walker, Wing/Co.

P. G. W. Leefe, P/O

R. Walker, Sergt. R. A. F.

G. Lotherington

T. F. D. Williamson

G. F. Cole, Cpl. R. A. S. C.

P. N. Taylor