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St Peter’s, Norton - The War Memorials

St Peter’s church in Norton contains a number of Memorials and memorial windows to the fallen of the Boer War, the Great War and the second World War. Most but not all are located in the chapel at the east end of the South Aisle, which also holds the official Norton memorial book, a beautiful production commemorating those who died in the 1914-1919 war. It has been digitised and can be found at Europeana 1914 -1918.

The Boer war memorial consists of painted panels, two being a Roll of Honour of all those who returned from South Africa and one commemorating the fallen:

Remember ye in the Lord all those who died in war for their Sovereign and Country in South Africa 1899-1902 especially:

 2nd Lieut Francis Howard Raikes

2nd Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps

Wagon Hill Ladysmith, 6th January 1900

Shoeing Smith George T. Cooper

19th Hussars

Farquhar's Farm, Ladysmith, 30th October 1899


James Oliver Cram

1st Battalion Yorkshire Regiment

Paardeburg, February 23rd 1900

Thomas Crozier

William N. Gascoigne

2nd Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment

Venters Spruit,20th January 1900

To the Glory of God and in memory of the men of this parish who gave their lives in the  Great War 1914-1919

Their name liveth for evermore

Abbey, E.

Cartwright, B.

Garbutt, M. H.

Hornby, G.

Lyons, F.

Searle, G.

Adams, J.

Cartwright, J. M.

Gardham, G.

Hornsey, M.

Lythe, R. W.

Skelton, J. S.

Anderson, J.

Cherry, A. J.

Gibson, H.

Hornsey, W. J.

Matthews, E.

Smithson, H.

Archer, C.

Collinson, A. E.

Gilks, S. I. M.

Hunter, J. W.

Matthews, H.

Stellings, W.

Barnes, H. J.

Cram, J. E.

Halliday, W.R.

I'Anson, W. T. D.

Mence, A.

Stephenson, D.

Barr, C. C. H.

Crosby, G.

Harfield G.G.

Ineson, S.

Nash, R.

Sturdy, W. E.

Bartliff, C. W.

Daniel, G. W.

Harper, G. W.

Ireland, R.

Needham, J.

Squires, H.

Binnie, J. T.

Davis, J.

Harper, S. J.

Jackson, A.

Nesfield, F.

Tate, H.

Blades, C. B.

Dawson, F. M.

Harrison, A.

Jackson, E.

Norris, F.

Taylor, H.

Bowes, E. W.

D'Hooge, M. W.

Harrison, H. S.

Jackson, F. B. A.

Oliver, W.

Tinsley, A.

Bowes, G. W.

Dixon, S.

Hepples, F.

Jackson, J. W.

Oxtoby, W.

Tinsley, E.

Bowes, T. R.

Douthwaite, G. E.

Heseltine, J. W.

Jemmeson, J.

Parker, A. H.

Towse, H.

Bowland, S. J.

Dresser, E. E.

Hildreth, M. S.

Johnson, C. M.

Parker, J. H.

Walker, O.

Bowland, T. O.

Farmery, F.

Hodgson, E.

Johnson, G. L.

Parnaby, R.

Watson, E.

Bowland, W. H.

Farmery, J.

Hopkins, J. R. I.

Kitching, G. F.

Paylor, G. H.

Watson, J. R.

Bowman, T. H.

Fewster, A.

Legard R. J.

Priestman, J. W.

Williamson, H.

Bones, H.

Fewster, T.

Race, E.

Willison, J. W.

Brayshaw, T. W.

Fish, E. H.

Raphael, M. L.

Wilson, E.

Bristow, J.

Fisher, G.R.

Robson, C. P.

Wilson, G. A.

Broadbent, G. V.

Fitton, B. A.

Sanderson, T. W.

Wood, C. A.

Brough, J. W.

Fletcher, B.

Scott, E.

Wright, W. C.

Calver, H.

Fletcher, W. B.

Searle, P.

Yates, G. W.

1939      1945

In honour of 570 men and women of Norton who served in the world War and in memory of those who did not return.

Geoffrey Ash

Thomas F. Freer

Alan L. Pickering

James B. Barker

Leonard Garvey

Eric Raine

Alfred Boyes

Geoffrey Nendick

Sidney Smith

Joe W. Brooke

Sidney Hewitt

Alec J. Theasby

Arthur S. Brown

Ronald Hodgson

Alexander R. Tierney

William Coultas

Ernest Holt

Thomas H. Tindall

Walter Fewster

Douglas C. Jackson

Ernest Milson

Maurice Flint

John O. Laverack

Geoffrey H. Wise

Their name liveth for evermore

Eric Lumley

Edward Pearson