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Old Malton War Memorial Hall

Soon after the war, consideration began to be given to the issue of how the village  should commemorate the war and those who had lost their lives in it.  In January 1919 a meeting was held to discuss this and the Malton Messenger of February 1st 1919 reported:

A meeting was held on Thursday evening week at Old Malton to consider the question of a War Memorial for the parish and what form it should take. It was unanimously decided that the old Club Room or Reading Room dating back to 1545 should, if possible be replaced by a new one, and that, if funds allowed, there should be a room for girls as well, in the building. Collectors were appointed, who will shortly appeal to the aid and generosity of the Parishioners in raising such a sum. Mr Douglas kindly undertaking, then, to lay the matter before Earl Fitzwilliam for his consideration. It is estimated that a minimum sum of £150 should be aimed at.

By 1920 over £200 had been collected but the planned Recreation Room (Old Malton Memorial Hall)  was on hold, not for lack of funding but because there was a block on all non-essential building projects until housing and industrial needs had been met.

Eventually the current hall was built and a handsome plaque installed just inside the front door. This was later modified to include the fallen of World War II

To the glory of God and in memory of the 33 men of this village who gave their lives for King and Country 1914-1918

J. H. Rose  


A. Chapman

9th Yks.

J. E. Kitching

5th Yks.

W. Fox


D. Stephenson

5th Yks.

A. Wray

9th Yks.

J. Richardson


A. Jemmenson

4th Yks.

H. Race

L. Fus.

W. Lightfoot


S. Greenley

R. Fus.

F. Creaser


F. Kitching

5th Yks.

T. Charles


J. Arthurs

W. Yks.

W. Sunley


J. Johnson

S. Gds.

H. Smith

5th Yks.

H. Wilson

5th Yks.

G. Yates

L. Rfls.

M. Harrison

5th Yks.

T. Hessay

R. Fus.

W. Hodgson

2nd Yks.

J. Cockerill

5th Yks.

C. Rickman


J. R. Freer

5th Dts.

F. Gibson

5th Yks.

W. Robinson


H. Turner

5th Yks.

G. Ellis

W. Yks

R. Eden

5th Yks.

T. Hodgson


S. Ellis

9th Sry.


W. H. Boyes

L.C. Rookes

G. E. Spooner

D. E. Crutchley

J. R. Skelton

F. Thackray